Evelyn Skon


“Connecting is not magic. Like any other skill, it can be learned, practiced, and mastered.”

~John M. Gottman, Ph.D.

Do you want to have healthier and happier close relationships?  I work with individuals and couples to help them improve and strengthen their relationships. I use research-based approaches, including Gottman Method therapy and Emotionally Focused Therapy which are based on studies about relationships. Gottman Method tools were designed from research  results learned from “masters of relationships” (couples who stay together and are happy with the relationship) as well as from “disasters of relationship” (couples who break up or stay together and are unhappy with the relationship). Emotionally Focused Therapy tools were designed from research based on how partners organize their attachment-oriented emotional experiences into patterns and cycles of interacting.

Do you want to improve your professional relationships?  I work with professionals to help them improve relationships with their managers, co-workers, or teams. I use approaches learned in my business academic education and work experience, coach training based on the science of positive psychology, and research-based training on relationships.

Do you have goals that you want to accomplish or changes that you want to make but feel overwhelmed or stuck? I work with people to help them accomplish goals or make changes, big or small, while living according to their authentic values and ideals. I use coaching tools based on the science of positive psychology, project management skills based on formal training and work experience, and business knowledge acquired through work experience and academic education.

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