What I Do

What I Do

Evidence and research-based therapy and coaching for healing and growth

"Being yourself is a continuous effort. There is always another expectation placed upon you, another person pulling you toward their preferences, another nudge from society to act a certain way. It's a daily battle to be yourself, not merely what the world wants you to be."

I truly enjoy working with people who desire and are committed to healing, growth, and change

I can help you improve your relationships with others, the relationship you have with yourself, as well as your relationships with various areas of your life. I place importance on understanding your external environment, as well as understanding your experiences, as these two factors have an impact on one’s inner world and thus behaviors.   

The clinical approach I use applies concepts and methods from various models, including

  • Positive Psychology Coaching
  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)
  • Gottman Method Therapy
  • Emotion Focused Therapy
  • Focusing-Oriented Psychotherapy
  • Internal Family Systems (IFS)
I use these therapeutic approaches during different stages of working together depending on what appears to be the best option to facilitate change.

See below to learn what you can expect during our professional working relationship


During your first few sessions, I want to learn all about you so I can get an understanding of you and your life experiences and how satisfied you are in various areas of your life. I want to understand what you’re wanting help with, as well as any external factors or conditions that might impact our working relationship. This first phase of working together may take more than one session.


I work with people so I can help them improve and strengthen their relationships — both close relationships (partners, family members) and professional relationships (managers, co-workers, colleagues). I use several research-based approaches, including Gottman Method therapy and Emotionally Focused therapy.

Gottman Method tools were designed from research results learned from “masters of relationships” (couples who stay together and are happy with the relationship) as well as “disasters of relationships”. Emotionally Focused Therapy is based on how people organize their attachment experiences into patterns and cycles of interacting.

I view relationships through an attachment-based lens that was initially developed from research of caretaker-child relationships and later adapted to adult romantic relationships. Through my work experience with my clients’ professional relationships, I have found that these modalities are relevant to non-romantic personal relationships, as well as professional relationships.

Examples Of Ways I Can Help Improve Relationships:

  • I’ll provide you with research findings of characteristics of healthy and happy relationships, and patterns that lead to the end of a relationship
  • I’ll give you tools that will help you strengthen connections and improve your communication skills
  • I’ll help you create healthy boundaries
  • I’ll help you manage conflict in your life
  • I’ll help you heal and change outdated relationship patterns learned in the past.

I can help you achieve goals and/or make changes while living according to your authentic values and ideals. I use proven coaching tools based on the science of positive psychology, project management skills based on formal training and work experience, and knowledge acquired through my life experiences and academic education.

Examples Of Ways I Can Help You Make Changes So You Can Create A Better Future:

  • I can help you understand yourself and how you relate to the external world
  • I’ll support you in creating your visions, long term goals, and short term goals so you can prioritize any life changes you want to make
  • I can help you create habits that move you towards the changes you desire
  • I’ll provide a system for tracking your progress, as well as for identifying obstacles
  • I can help you make changes so you’re no longer bound by old beliefs and emotional states based on past experiences, as these are obstacles that can prevent you from creating the life you want.


I can help you build a deeper connection with yourself so you can create more awareness, clarity, and balance in your internal world. I do this by using the Internal Family Systems (IFS) and Focusing-Oriented Psychotherapy Models. I can help you learn how to focus your attention inward and to listen to your internal guiding processes.

Examples Of Ways I Can Help You Build A Deeper Connection So You Can Create More Balance Within Your Inner World

  • Help you build self-awareness so you can be calm, spacious, curious, and compassionate
  • Help you identify parts of yourself so we can map your own inner world into the structure of the psyche
  • Guide you in understanding these parts and their positive intentions, fears, and beliefs
  • Help  you build relationships between your parts and your highest, wisest self that’s both compassionate and curious
  • Guide you in a process to facilitate healing of past memories, which includes releasing old beliefs and feelings about yourself and the world that are no longer relevant so you can live more in the present with confidence, while at the same time being guided by curiosity and compassion
I Use The Following Evidence-Based or Research-Based Tools:
  • Gottman Method Therapy: Using Gottman Method Couples Therapy tools I can help you build friendships and intimacy. See gottman.com more information.
  • Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT): Using EFT tools, I can help you create new ways of communicating with your close relationships so you no longer experience feelings of isolation or a lack of connectedness. See iceeft.com  for more information.
  • Positive Psychology: Using Positive Psychology tools, I can help you recognize your strengths and virtues so you can be more functional, happier, and an overall better person. The science of Positive Psychology assumes people are basically healthy, resourceful, and motivated to grow and is focused on promoting an individual or group so they can flourish.
  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT): ACT is a behavioral therapy that creatively uses values and mindfulness skills to help people build rich and meaningful lives. ACT helps people develop the ability to focus on and engage in what they are doing, to open up and make room for our thoughts and feelings, and to act effectively, guided by their values. (Russ Harris)
  • Internal Family Systems (IFS)  Using Internal Family Systems techniques, I can help you improve your general functioning and well-being. IFS has the potential to improve distressing symptoms and behaviors. The IFS  Model is capable of helping you turn down the noise in your mind and thus can bring you greater peace, confidence, clarity, and creativity. See ifs-institute.com for more information.
  • Focusing-Oriented Psychotherapy: Using Focusing tools, I can help you develop self-awareness as a way of paying attention to issues in your life and facilitating them to shift in a forward direction. I will guide you in the process of listening to your inner self in an accepting way, as well as learning how to hear the messages that are being sent to you. See focusing.org for more information.

About My Fees

I accept cash, checks, HSA cards, and credit cards. Payment is due at the time of each session. If you have health insurance, I’m more than happy to provide you with an invoice so you can request reimbursement for out-of-network services. We can discuss fee information during our complimentary phone consultation.

Where I’m Located

My office is located in Salt Lake City, Utah, in the Millcreek area.  I offer both in person and virtual sessions. 

L. Evelyn Skon,

Coach & Psychotherapist


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